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(OPENSOARING, 17. aprila 2020)

A message from WWGC – Australian Team Pilots

The Australian Team pilots from the WWGC have not spoken to date about the penalty controversy but are aware that some people want to hear what we have to say. This is a brief statement to explain our position.

Peščeni veter pred nevihto fb pole france planeur

One week ago all of the Australian team pilots lodged an appeal via Air Sports Australian Confederation (ASAC) to the FAI. The appeal documents have been received and we are waiting to learn  of the process that the the Appeal Panel will follow. Suffice to say, the Internationa Jury process that took place on the last day of the Competition was non –compliant and failed on the most basic principles of fairness. AS a result, the case for the team pilots was not properly examined and the Juri,s decision to impose a points penalty to each pilot was based on factually incorrect informatin, The team pilots belived that when the full facts are considered that the penalties will be withdrawn and the final results revised accordingly.

The GFA determined not to appeal the penalty again without all the facts and advised theAustralian and international gliding community of this unilaterally eithout advising or consulting with the team pilots.

Pogled na zastavo FAI fb Sabrina Vogt

The team Pilots prepared and funded the appeal document themselves and submitted it to FAI with the support od ASAC which is the National Airsport Control (NAC). Further the GFA Board unanimously agreed less than one month before the closing of appeal period to not stand in the way of any separate appeal that the pilots wish make through the NAC (ASAC).

The intention of making this appeal is that the team pilots can access a fair hearing in accordance with due process as stipulated by FAI.

Jenny Thompson (as spokesperson for the Australian team pilots at the WWGC)

16 April 2020


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