Sebastian Kawa o varnosti


Dear gliding friends

It seems there is another rainy day. I would like to propose several points that should be already a part of the sporting code SC3a in our gliding competitions.

Glider behind is responsible for separation because the one in front can’t see what is going on. Avoid abrupt maneuvers in proximity to other gliders.
1 – Never fly over another glider when you can not see it and if it is physically possible for him to pull and collide with you. This is a dangerous situation where both pilots can’t see each other and collision is very likely. Especially avoid this situation in fast straight flight but also when circling in thermals.

1b- Do not overtake below when the other glider pilot can’t see you below his fuselage.

2 – Gliders circling have privilege over gliders flying straight. They fly at lower speed and have less maneuverability than in a straight flight. They also need to observe each other in the lift.

2a – Join thermals by the tangent to the circling gliders and always in the same direction. Adjust your speed accordingly and make sure when slowing down that there is no other glider above. Look out pulling up because when you slow down before the lift there is a danger that circling glider will move above your head in a dead angle where you can’t see it.
Look out joining the lift, there could be gliders approaching from a different direction or circling in a different orbit than the gaggle so you have to watch not only gliders in the lift but also approaching to it and in the vicinity.

2b – When gliders by accident start to circle in opposite directions and when there is less than 300m difference in altitude the top glider sets the circling direction. If there is a possibility that other gliders join between in the 300m gap they would join the top circling direction and you should consider changing your direction accordingly before they come.

2c – Leaving the circle make sure when accelerating that there is no other glider below. If you are circling in congested thermal accelerate after you level off from the turn in the direction of your next target. Make sure when leaving the thermal that no one is approaching from outside in your way.


3 – staying on the ridge give way, turn away to the right if your right side is away from the ridge. Flying in the opposite direction if you have a ridge on your right hand you have.



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